Practical Matters...

"Around here we are subjected to the 'Consultant of the Year' and expected to take whatever they sold the company and make it work. Instead of having to memorize some complex theory, Sylvia and her team have helped us express - and get credit for - our expertise. Thank you for hiring somebody from Earth this time."
- Individual Contributor - Fortune 100 Energy Provider

"Thanks to Sylvia I can again look forward to coming into work every day "......"
- Production Supervisor - Food Products Manufacturer

"Times are hard and when our business lagged, I braced myself for layoffs. Now we can say that we're part of the upswing and we owe our new ideas to no one but ourselves. That feels good and wins PMN my thumbs up."
- Corporate Director of Administration, Regional Resort and Spa Chain whose properties consistently voted "Best Of"

...Drive Accomplishment.

At least that’s what we at PMN believe. 

And we believe in you.

So – let’s get real.  Achieving goals is serious work.  Why tolerate unnecessary obstacles?

 Identify what your organization needs to succeed

 Engage staff

 Strengthen leadership

 Power Up!

Together, we can fortify your strengths and resolve the issues that slow you down. I would love to hear about your organization, your achievements and your goals. Please don’t hesitate to phone, e-mail or text.

If we can help, I’d be honored.

In the mean time, thank you for visiting our virtual home.  I hope it answers your questions about what our version of Being Practical is all about..

- Sylvia