Executive Coaching supports an Individual's Professional Development.

Most often a part of a system-wide organization development effort, investing in this service is appropriate for

Managers and Key Staff who are

  • Managing for the first time or under more stressful circumstances
  • Being groomed for executive leadership
  • Handling a difficult person or situation
  • Experiencing a downturn in motivation or productivity
  • Challenged when expected to work with others as a team member
  • Adversely affecting your bottom line with their professional or interpersonal style
  • Spending more time and energy than necessary producing results through others
  • Responsible for a higher than acceptable turnover rate
  • Invaluable except that their people skills need polish

Founders, CEOs, and Council Chairpersons who are

  • Charged with revitalizing the organization's sense of purpose
  • Considering a new strategic intent for their organization
  • Committed to becoming an even more effective leader
  • Wondering "what next?" at the close of a long term of exceptional service
  • Faced with a challenging interpersonal situation
  • Wondering where the fun of running their organization has gone
  • Ready to craft and/or implement a succession plan
  • Experiencing a drop in their own motivation or joy

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