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Considering investing in your people?  Facing a change or troubleshooting an emergent issue that seems to be slowing down your organization’s productivity or quality of work life? Why not contact Sylvia and schedule a time to talk.  We do not bill for these initial conversations and – in addition to learning how PMN might be able to support you and your organization – our clients consistently report that they learned at least one thing they could implement immediately.

Have an issue you’d like Sylvia to address either in her blog or in a “Dear Coach” format?  Drop her a note.  If your topic lends itself to becoming an article or blog entry, she will contact you to be sure she understands the situation and then – rest assured – will camouflage you and your company so that her readers/followers will not be able to identify you.  (Please include your name and phone number.)

Are you a former student or client? Sylvia would be delighted to reconnect!

And if you - like so many others - continue to use what you learned when you originally worked with Sylvia, your comments will be happily added to our cache of evaluative feedback. Want to submit a comment and then invite PMN into your current organization?   Earn a significant Loyalty Discount on the first phase of your initiative!


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