How We Work

Our first job is to understand you, your organization and your goals.

Our work is custom built to meet your specific needs and our fees are structured so you can afford to enlist our support at critical moments in your organization's evolution.

At every turn, we strive to keep your strengths center stage, celebrating what it took to create them, and helping you focus on how best to build upon them.

By working with what makes your organization unique, we cultivate its capacity to define and sustain long term success.

If you’ve read our “What We Do” sections and think there may be a match between our expertise and what’s going on in your organization, please consider accepting our invitation to talk.

We can start by telephone and if it makes sense, meet in person.

Typically in 45 minutes (or so), I should be able to give you a “read” on whether we can be of support and how; and you will know to what extent there could be “chemistry” between your organization and us.

In any case, I appreciate your stopping by the website to learn about us and wish you a happy, fulfilling work life!

Thank you, Sylvia

Phone: 707-869-9402
Text: 707-980-0300