What We Do

We provide pragmatic solutions for organizations and leaders – and have for 35 years.

We are often called in to support organizations that are wildly successful. These leaders believe that investing in their people is at least as important as keeping their technology current. They want to demonstrate just how highly each person is valued by ensuring every individual has what they need to not just do their job but to help shape the organization’s future.

Sometimes we are called in to support an organization with great economic potential – or with a very important social mission – that is not performing at the level its leaders expect. These leaders understand that an objective third party skilled in assessing organizational patterns can help identify next steps that will realign their people with strategic intent.

At other times we are asked to provide assistance to a specific unit or division that is facing some kind of change or seems to have lost its passion for fulfilling its part of the organization’s mission. These leaders have faith in their staff’s capacity to overcome the challenge at hand and want to provide them with the tools and processes to do so.

Other client relationships develop because the organization values training and development and its leaders are looking for something more than a pre-packaged program, regardless of the extent to which its purveyors claim it will be “tailored”.  These leaders are typically delighted to learn that we only design and facilitate learning opportunities that are based on their people’s – and/or their organization’s - specific needs.

We take an organization development approach to assessing each client’s needs before proposing further work. Those next steps then not only make sense to everyone involved but produce results that make a difference to the long term viability of the organization.

Our services generally fall into the following categories. Please click on each to read more about when – and for whom – they work best.

Organization Development

Leadership and Staff Development

Executive Coaching